AS Postimees Grupp

Postimees is Estonia’s most read and influential source of media that is part of the Eesti Meedia group.

Founded already in 1857, the paper issue of Postimees is published 6 days a week and is the daily newspaper with the largest circulation and readership in Estonia and in Tallinn. The circulation of Postimees is circa 45 thousand in workdays and as much as circa 54 thousand at weekends.

95% of the circulation is pre-ordered and only 5% individual sales.

Postimees offers reading material to people of different ages and with different interests, giving an operative and objective overview of events both at home and abroad. The reader of Postimees can always be sure to get the most important part of the news flow with an added value of describing backgrounds and different comments.

The weekend Postimees that’s published on Saturdays brings to its readers in addition to the news also investigative journalism and summaries of weekend events. Also, lengthier stories of issues and opinions as well as picture galleries of events – all this and much more pithy reading awaits in the weekend Postimees. The Saturday paper also includes the additional papers AK (Arvamus ja Kultuur) and Arter with the week’s TV guide.

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  • is Estonia’s largest news portal where all topical Estonian and foreign news are broadcast. gets an average of 530,000 readers a week.
  • Tartu Postimees is the largest county paper in Estonia that’s published on weekdays together with Postimees in the towns of Tartu and Otepää as well as Tartu and Jõgeva counties.

    Tartu Postimees observes the life, major events and news in Tartu, the focal point of Southern Estonia and the university town, as well as those in Tartu county.
    The Editor in Chief of Tartu Postimees is Tiina Reinart.

  • is the most popular information portal that covers different events in the capital. The portal offers information about new shops, restaurants, movies, performances and much more. gets an average of 108,000 readers a week.

  • is Estonia’s largest and most info-heavy economics portal intended for people who are interested in economics. The portal also offers news from the Financial Times and as of recently, also contains, a column meant for managers. gets an average of 22,100 readers a week.
  • is a consumer-oriented info portal for useful tips and news directed to consumers. gets an average of 175,000 readers a week.
  • is a glitzy, glamorous and exciting entertainment portal that covers the lives of both domestic and foreign stars and everything related to entertainment. gets an average of 291,000 readers a week.
  • is a portal directed at women that covers all topics that interest women, like beauty and fashion, health, relationships and sex, career, family, lifestyle, persona stories, food, and opinion columns.
  • on is the most accurate and info-heavy weather environment in Estonia, made in cooperation with Norway’s largest weather site gets an average of 75,000 readers a week, depends on weather. In addition to the Estonian weather page there is also a weather page directed at Russian-speaking readers, called 

  • is a Russian glitzy, glamorous and exciting entertainment portal that covers the lives of both domestic and foreign stars and everything related to entertainment. gets an average of 50,000 readers a week.
  • is a news portal directed at Russian readers that covers all topical Estonian and foreign news. gets 78,000 readers a week.

  • The Russian-language Postimees that’s been published since 2005 is the only Russian national daily newspaper in Estonia. The paper is published 2 times a week (from Tuesday and Thursday) and operatively and objectively reflects on events in Estonia and the entire world.  The Editor in Chief of the Russian Postimees is Jevgenia Värä.

  • Den za Dnjom is the most popular Russian weekly newspaper that’s published on Saturdays.

    Offering reading material on events in Estonia and abroad, Den za Dnjom is a source of interesting and useful information – both in general fields of life and on the topics of economy and politics. The paper includes a sizable TV guide Telesem7, the women’s magazine Mezhdu Nami, a lifestyle publication LUX and several thematic special papers. The Editor in Chief of Den za Dnjom is Jevgenia Värä.