Kroonpress AS

Kroonpress Ltd., belonging to Eesti Meedia Group, is the printing plant specialised in the production of newspapers, magazines, phone directories, mail order catalogues and other large-volume advertising product.

Kroonpress was founded in 1990 by Postimees Ltd. Currently we are printing roughly thirty different periodical newspapers and more than sixty different periodical magazines. Our major Estonian clients are the biggest daily and weekly newspapers in Estonia – Postimees, SL Õhtuleht, Äripäev, Maaleht, as well as several local newspapers Pärnu Postimees, Sakala, Virumaa Teataja, Põhjarannik, Vooremaa. We print magazines for both of Estonian biggest publishing companies – Ajakirjade Kirjastus and Ühinenud Ajakirjad. Among them are the biggest Estonian magazines Cosmopolitan, Stiil, Kodukiri, Kodukolle etc.

The large number of its «own» publications decreases the investment risks of Kroonpress – Eesti Meedia Group provides the printing plant with a stable circle of clients.

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